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Molecular Precision Implant

A truly revolutionary implant design combining high initial stability even in compromised bone situations with a long-term biological anchor. Our Spherical Helix Chamber serves as a scaffold for promoting wound healing and bone formation from existing osteoblasts.

Implant body

Expanding tapered implant body with double-thread self-tapping design condenses bone gradually to enhance primary stability.

The double-threads result in an efficient insertion rate of 2.2 mm per revolution of the dental implant.

The Spherical Helix Chamber forms a dedicated space for the collection of blood and bone fragments from the osteotomy preparation.

Single platform

One abutment platform, 2.45 mm internal hex implant-abutment connection shared across all implant diameters.

One universal implant driver and abutment driver providing greater ease of use.

Simplified system with minimal prosthetic inventory and instrumentation.

Apex design

The apex has self-tapping drilling blades that enable a smaller osteotomy.

This self-tapping function also supports a precise adaptation of the dental implant threads to the bone providing optimal initial stability.

The rounded apex improves the ease of insertion, allowing mild directional refinement during the initial stages of dental implant insertion.


The biomechanical implant-abutment seal is designed to reduce micro-gaps to less than 0.5 microns.

The MolecuLockTM seal reduces the egress of bacteria, protecting crestal bone and soft-tissue from risks of peri-implantitis.

MolecuLockTM improves stability by reducing micromovements to further protect and enable successful osseointegration.



Ditron Dental USA provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied instructions for use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.

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